Welcome to our world of vibrant, boho-chic jewelry, where each piece is a unique creation made with love and passion in the heart of Bangkok.
Our collection ranges from bold, colorful statement pieces to delicate engagement rings, each designed to help you find and express your authentic self.

Our Story Our journey began with a deep-rooted passion for jewelry making. Before relocating to Thailand, I taught jewelry-making workshops, sharing the joy of creating unique pieces with others.
Today, I focus on crafting beautiful jewelry and launching our new website to share our creations with the world.
I believe in empowering individuals through jewelry that reflects their inner strength and authenticity.

The Art of Jewelry Making Each piece in our collection is handcrafted using a variety of materials and techniques.
We work with gold, silver, gold plating, and gold-filled metals, combined with genuine gemstones, beads, and faceted stones.
Our style is distinctly boho, featuring large, vibrant gemstones and delicate engagement rings crafted from gold and colorful gemstones.

Special Techniques We employ special techniques like sand-casting and keum boo to create our jewelry.
Sand-casting involves creating molds from sand to cast metal, resulting in unique textures and designs.
Keum boo, an ancient Korean technique, involves applying thin sheets of gold to silver, creating a stunning contrast and adding a touch of luxury to our pieces.

Our jewelry is more than just accessories; it's a way to connect with your authentic self and feel empowered.
Each piece tells a story, crafted with care and inspired by the vibrant energy of Bangkok and the rich variety of gemstones sourced from around the world.

Explore our new website and discover the perfect piece that speaks to you.