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 1. General
1.1 The Site is operated by Mrs. Paola Play, ID 309487270, or her representatives (hereinafter "the Site Owner").
1.2 The Site is a promotional website that includes an online shopping store. The site offers ready-made jewelry for sale, as well as kits for making jewelry and gemstones and crystals for home use, as detailed on the site and updated from time to time.
1.3 The purpose of these terms is to regulate the relationship between the Site Owner and the users of the site, whether individuals, corporations, or businesses, whether they are browsing themselves or operating a technological component browsing the site on their behalf. These terms constitute the binding contractual basis for these relationships.
1.4 The use of the site is subject to these terms and in accordance with its provisions.
1.5 Your use of the site constitutes your agreement to the terms of these terms.
1.6 The provisions of these terms will apply to any use you make on the site and will constitute the legal basis for any discussion between you and the Site Owner. Therefore, you are requested to read these terms in full.
1.7 The Site Owner reserves the right to change these terms from time to time, at her sole discretion, without the need for prior notice. Any change will take effect immediately upon being introduced by the Site Owner.
1.8 The Site Owner is entitled, at her sole discretion, to change the appearance of the site, the content displayed on it, or any other requested change, without the need for advance notice.
1.9 Users agree that they will have no claim, demand, or requirement against the Site Owner or anyone on her behalf due to the implementation of such changes or issues arising from those changes.
1.10 The Site Owner reserves the right to suspend the site's activity for maintenance purposes.
1.11 The Site Owner is entitled, at her sole discretion and without the need to provide a reason, to block a certain user's access to the site.
1.12 In any case of contradiction or discrepancy between these terms and any other publication, the provisions of these terms will prevail.
1.13 The Site Owner does not undertake that the site's activity will not be disrupted, including severe disruptions in hardware, software, or communication lines, and users will have no claim in this regard.
1.14 Chapter headings in the terms are for reading convenience only and should not be attributed interpretive meaning.
1.15 The terms are written in the masculine gender but are equally valid for both genders.
1.16 The terms of use apply to all content on the site.

If you do not agree to the detailed terms of use below, you are required not to make any further use of the site.

 2. User Commitment
2.1  By using the site, you declare that you are aware of all the information required for using the site and/or the information and content services provided on the site and/or through it.
2.2 In addition to the above, you commit not to do one or more of the following:
2.2.1 Claiming, sending, or transmitting any material containing any type of computer virus or any other computer code intended to destroy, disrupt, or limit the use of any of the computers, servers, materials, and/or software used by the Site Owner.
2.2.2. Distributing spam to the site's servers or intercepting any other mail.
2.2.3. Infringing in any way on copyright, trademarks, and/or any other rights found on this site.
2.2.4. Placing the site, or any part of it, within the framework of another site or as part of another site, without the prior written consent of the Site Owner.
2.2.5. Using the site for any illegal and/or harmful purpose.

3. Purchasing Products on the Site
3.1. Making a purchase on the site is possible for any person with the legal qualifications to do so according to the jurisdiction governing them, and they are the owner of a valid email address.
3.2. If you are a resident of Israel under the age of 18 or someone who requires approval from a third party to perform a legal action, you declare and confirm that you have obtained the consent of your parents and/or legal guardian and/or any third party mentioned above to perform an action on the site.
3.3. Placing an order can be done through the online purchasing options on the site or by telephone, using the contact details provided on the site.
3.4. In the online store on the site, you can select a product, review its specifications regarding color, size, and price. You can change the desired quantities in the order, add or remove items from the shopping cart at any time until the order is completed, confirmed at the checkout, and an approval is received for its registration in the system.
3.5. Please note that entering order details into the system does not constitute a commitment on the part of the Site Owner to supply the ordered products. It merely indicates that the order details have been recorded, and the order processing has begun.
3.6. In cases where the Site Owner cannot supply the order, a notification will be provided to the customer.
3.7. Product availability is subject to stock availability.
3.8. To enable the Site Owner to fulfill your order, the order must be received and recorded correctly and systematically, including all necessary shipping and payment details.
3.9. Payment for the order will be displayed in USD currency only and will include the product price, will not include any Taxes, shipping fees or any customs that may be. The Site Owner reserves the right to change prices at any time at her sole discretion, including notifying of promotions and discounts. The determined price is the price displayed on the site at the time of payment.
3.10. Product availability and prices may be updated from time to time. If the purchase is not completed, the Site Owner is not obligated to maintain the shopping cart and/or the original price until the purchase is completed at a later date.
3.11. Payment on the site will be made in advance through one of the following methods:
3.11.1. By bank transfer to the account details provided by the Site Owner; or
3.11.2. By credit card payment, valid for processing by one of the credit card companies operating in Israel.
3.11.3 By Pay with PayPal – secure payment via PayPal account or with card.
3.12.  In the case of telephone payment for an order made on the site, it is clarified that the Site Owner is not committed to maintaining the order during the period between its execution on the site and actual payment.
3.13. At the end of the order, an email will be sent to the email address provided during the purchase process, confirming the transaction and order details. Once you receive the email, the transaction cannot be changed or canceled except in accordance with the provisions of Section 5 below.
3.14. The Site Owner and/or her representatives shall not be responsible for any unauthorized use, misuse, non-standard use, and/or use in bad faith of a credit card by a third party used to place an order.
3.15. For the avoidance of doubt, the product order includes only its packaging and delivery to the customer.
3.16. The Site Owner makes every effort to deliver orders as quickly as possible. However, the specified times below are processing times for the order until it is shipped and do not include delivery time.
3.16.1. Processing time for an in-stock product is up to 3 - 5 business days after completing the order on the site.
3.16.2. Processing time for a product resize or not in stock product is between 7 and 21 business days after completing the order on the site, depending on the quantity of gemstones and settings in the product and the complexity of the work.
3.16.3. Processing time for a personalized product is between 21 and 45 business days after completing the order on the site, depending on the complexity of the work.
3.16.4. In cases requiring international shipping, the processing time for an order and the delivery time for the order may be longer.
3.16.5. In cases where the requested product is not in stock, delays may occur.
3.16.6. In the case of products made to order and/or products customized according to customer specifications, the processing time for an order may vary based on the complexity of the order and the information received from the customer.

 4. Supply and Delivery of Ordered Products on the Website
4.1. Product delivery will be done through one of the following methods, according to the customer's choice during the purchase on the website:
4.1.1. Delivery through a courier company
4.1.2.. Delivery via registered mail by Thai Post.
4.1.3. Self-collection from the owner's gallery, subject to prior coordination.
4.2. Please note that delivery fees may vary depending on the chosen delivery method.
4.3. Providing customer details during the order is not mandatory, but failure to provide accurate details may hinder order completion.
4.4. The responsibility for the accuracy of shipping details lies with the customer.
4.5. If incorrect identification details are provided during the order, the website owner cannot guarantee product delivery. In case the products are returned due to incorrect details or non-collection, the customer will be charged for handling and shipping fees.
4.6. Note: If ordering to a business address, please specify the company name next to the buyer's name.
4.7. Products are shipped through external companies, and delivery times are subject to the policies of these companies. It is emphasized that delivery times are not under the control of the website owner, and the customer acknowledges that there will be no claims against the website owner for disruptions in delivery through these companies.
4.8. The website owner or its representatives are not responsible for delays in product delivery due to events beyond their control, such as strikes, computer system malfunctions, courier service issues, national lockdowns, transportation restrictions, hostile actions, and force majeure. In such cases, the website owner may cancel the order and refund the customer's payment.

 Providing false personal information is strictly prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense according to the Penal Law.

 5. Transaction Cancellation for Purchased Products on the Website
5.1. If you wish to cancel a purchase, you must inform the website owner promptly, stating the reason for cancellation and verifying purchase details as required by the website owner.
5.2. The website owner reserves the right to cancel the purchase at any time, with notice to the customer and a refund.
5.3. Cancellation of a jewelry purchase due to product defects must occur within 2 business days from the delivery date, provided:
5.3.1. Proof of purchase showing the purchase and date is presented.
5.3.2. The product is returned unused in its original packaging.
5.3.3. The defect existed in the product upon arrival and was not caused by use.
5.4. Cancellation of a jewelry purchase due to customer regret must occur within 2 business days from the transaction date, provided:
5.4.1. The product is returned in good condition in its original packaging.
5.4.2. Proof of purchase showing the purchase and date is presented.
5.5. Cancellation of a non-jewelry product purchase will be in accordance with sections 5.3 or 5.4 above, within 3 days from the product delivery date.

5.6. Cancellation notices and refunds will not be accepted in the following cases:
5.6.1. Cancellation of a non-jewelry product not in its original packaging or already used.
5.6.2. Cancellation of a product with a value less than 30 USD.
5.6.3. Cancellation of a product made to order or customized for the customer.
5.6.4. Cancellation of jewelry with a value exceeding 650 USD

5.7. A 5% cancellation fee or ₪100, whichever is lower, will be deducted from the transaction amount in case of product return due to customer regret.
If purchase as been made by PayPal fees will be refund to Paola Jewelry
5.8. The responsibility for returning the product to the website owner, including associated costs, lies with the customer.
5.9. Refunds for canceled transactions will be made to the payment method used for the purchase, in accordance with credit card company policies.
5.10. In addition to the cancellation fees mentioned in section 5.7 above, the website owner may charge the customer a credit cancellation fee equal to the cancellation fee charged to the website owner by the credit card company.
5.11. If you wish to exchange the returned product for another, subject to the return of the purchased product as mentioned above, please contact the website owner to check the possibility of exchange.
5.12. The right to return a product is subject to additional conditions as stated in section 14g of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981.

6. Warranty for Sold Products on the Website
6.1. The responsibility for choosing the size of the product rests solely with the customer. The website owner is not responsible in cases of size mismatch resulting from customer specifications.
6.2. The website owner provides a warranty for Silver and Gold jewelry sold through the website for a period of 6 months from the transaction date. Warranty for coatings is provided for a period of 3 months only from the transaction date. In any case, the warranty does not cover crystals and gemstones that are not embedded in stones.
6.3. In case of a product defect, it should be sent to the website owner for examination. The website owner will determine whether the defect falls within the warranty. If not, the product can be repaired at the customer's expense.
6.4. The warranty does not cover natural disasters, intentional damage, or deliberate destruction of the product. In any case, the warranty does not apply to a product that has been repaired or altered by a third party.
6.5. The website owner is not responsible for indirect damages caused by the customer's use of the product or reliance on information on the website.
6.6. The website owner does not manufacture the raw materials from which the products sold on the website are made and is not responsible for damages caused by those raw materials she does not produce.
6.7. The website owner is not responsible for damages to the customer, a third party, or the product itself resulting from unreasonable use of its products. Exposure of products to chemical substances, including cleaning agents, chlorine in swimming pools, waste materials, extreme temperatures, humidity, etc., may damage the product.
6.8. In any case, the website owner's liability does not exceed the price paid by the customer.

7. Responsibility for Content on the Site
7.1. The website owner makes every effort to ensure that the information displayed on the site is up-to-date, accurate, and complete. However, errors or inaccuracies may occur in the information on the site or it may not be updated.
7.2. The information on the site is general informational only and does not constitute any advice of any kind.
7.3. The website owner is not responsible for any action taken by the user on the site, nor for any interpretation given by the user to the information on the site. Any user action is solely the user's responsibility, including contacting external professionals whose names are mentioned on the site, and the user waives any claim or demand against the website owner regarding reliance on the information on the site.
7.4. The website owner is not responsible for any illegal activity carried out by users on the site or any illegal activity carried out by individuals impersonating users on the site. In any case, the website owner will not be held responsible for actions performed by factors beyond its full control.
7.5. Product images on the site are for illustration purposes only. Variations in colors and differences in shape may occur between the appearance of the product on an electronic screen and its actual appearance.

 8. Indemnification
8.1. The user undertakes to indemnify the website owner for any claim, demand, damage, loss, profit loss, payment, or expense caused to it due to a breach of these terms of use and/or a breach of the law and/or defense against a claim and/or filing a claim and/or any demand arising from a third party, including attorney fees and legal expenses.
8.2. Without prejudice to the generality of the above, the user shall pay the damages resulting from its liability as mentioned above immediately upon being requested to do so in writing by the website owner.

9. Privacy and Confidentiality
9.1. The website owner makes reasonable efforts to maintain the privacy of user information on the site, the content, and the information transmitted by users during the use of the site, as well as information collected about users during browsing on the site ("User Information"), which may include the pages visited, the duration of viewing each page, geographical location, and internet address data through which the user browsed the site, and so on.
9.2. The website owner may use user information for internal purposes only, such as analyzing information about purchase patterns and the behavior of users and/or suppliers, for complaint investigations and/or reviews, and for marketing purposes, including through cookies (Cookies), Facebook pixels, Google Analytics, and more.
9.3. "Cookies" are files created by the device from which you visited the site, containing information about your browsing patterns on the site. Each user can reset their browser to refuse all cookies or to notify them when cookies are sent to them.
9.4. The website owner will not transfer this information to third parties, except in cases where the user has taken illegal actions on the site and/or there has been an attempt to perform such actions and/or in cases where the user violates the terms of use and/or in cases where a judicial order is received instructing her to disclose user information and/or in any dispute between the user and the website owner.
9.5. The website owner makes reasonable efforts to secure the information containing user details on the site using technological means available to her. However, the website owner cannot guarantee absolute immunity from the penetration of third-party information stored in accounts owned by the website owner – accounts located on external hosting providers' cloud servers and/or on the website owner's computers.

 10. Intellectual Property
10.1. The website owner owns intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the site and its contents, excluding parts of the site where the website owner is authorized under a license and/or agreement to design them. Copyrights include, among other things, the graphic design of the site, the structure of the site, the components of the site, the images, and the texts appearing on the site, and the site name.
10.2. The contents and products appearing on the site are intended for personal and private use only, and any commercial use of them without the prior written consent of the website owner is prohibited.
10.3. It is forbidden to copy, publish, distribute, duplicate, modify, process, sell, publicly display, in full or in part, any part of the site and/or its contents and/or to take any action, directly or indirectly, that constitutes a violation or infringement of the intellectual property of the website owner, without prior written consent.

 11. Waiver of Rights
11.1. The website owner is entitled to waive her rights and/or obligations under these terms of use, all or part of them, to any third party, at her sole discretion and without the need for prior notice, including partial, periodic, and additional transfers, as long as the user's rights are not affected and all subject to the provisions of this agreement.
11.2. The user of the site is not authorized to waive his rights and/or obligations to any party without the prior written consent of the website owner and/or any authorized entity on her behalf.

 12. Law and Jurisdiction
12.1. The law applicable to these terms is Israeli law only. Jurisdiction for any matter and dispute is given to the authorized courts in the Northern District only.
12.2. Any delay or avoidance by the website owner in enforcing a right accruing to her in accordance with these terms shall not be deemed a waiver of that right.

13. Customer Service
13.1. Contact can be made with the website owner using the contact details provided on the site.
13.2. If you are not satisfied with any part of the site or any of the terms of this agreement, please write to us, and your request will be examined with due consideration.