You are a Goldsmith and want to conduct experiential workshops?

I have exactly the kind of workshop you need. 

I will teach you how to conduct highly successful one-time experiential workshops that your customers will never forget.

I'm Paola, a Goldsmith for over ten years with extensive experience in conducting experiential workshops. 

I will share with you all the knowledge I have accumulated over the years.

I will teach you:

•  How to engage participants and break the ice almost from the beginning, how feelings of doubt among participants can change in an instant

 • How to guide and deliver information so that even those with no prior experience in jewelry making can work correctly and successfully with tools and equipment in a one-time workshop

 • Important safety instructions to protect yourselves and the participants

 • How to work properly with materials so that they create their most beautiful jewelry and you do not waste materials on calculation errors and incorrect work

•  I will give you tips for efficient work to achieve quick results in a 4-5 hour workshop

 • What stones you can offer in the workshop and how you can let your participants set them in their jewelry

 • How you and your participants can together design their jewelry and fulfill their dream in creation

 • I will teach you about the boundaries we have as Goldsmiths and what we will not compromise on as workshop leaders

 • We will build together a work plan and syllabus with a proper time distribution so that you finish the workshop on time and the participants do not leave tired and exhausted

 • How we as workshop leaders can give so much empowerment to the participants and open up a new world of creation and self-belief in their abilities

 • How from one workshop you can already bring so many more workshops to your studio by maintaining contact, photography, and proper promotion on social networks

Let's open your studio to the world and spread your light and love for the field of jewelry making. 

Let's fulfill dreams to people whose creativity is just waiting to burst out of their hearts.

With the tools you will receive from me, you will be able to make your profession accessible to so many customers who will come and even return to you thanks to your giving.

This workshop can come to your studio, and a focused day can be arranged for Goldsmiths who want to learn together the topic.