Let's Create Textured Jewelry with Special Hammers and Punches

In this workshop, you will create a variety of pieces:

Mobiles, pendants, bracelets, earrings, keychains.

We'll work with hammers and punches, embossing textures, shapes, and letters onto the metal. 

We'll incorporate beads and stones.

We'll create unique jewelry pieces with personalized / family inscriptions.

This is a fun, light, and experiential workshop.

Suitable for families with children and organized groups.

This is the perfect workshop for team-building and refreshing days for employees, family, and friends. 

In this workshop, the participants express what's on their hearts and write unforgettable sentences that stay with them every day.

You can choose between a two-hour workshop and a 45-minute workshop, according to your preferences and schedule.

The workshop is mobile and can be brought to your cabin/meeting place.

For scheduling a workshop and for more details contact us